Pastor Bugingo’s wife dumps him for another Man, plans to takeover Church property

Elgon Daily Reporter

KAMPALA: Latest reports coming through to Elgon Daily signify trouble in Pastor Alysious Bugingo’s corridor following a bitter fight with his wife Pastor Teddy that aided her eye another man.

This comes shortly after a bitter disagreement the duo had over church land. The House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead Pastor during a Sunday service told his congregation that his wife and daughter Doreen Gift want to take control of the Church Property in a deceitful manner.

“This land does not belong to me, my wife or even my children. This is church land. My wife can go hang,” Bugingo publicly told his followers

According to sources, it is rumored that Teddy plans when they finalize with the divorce process, she should be given her share of the land as laid down in the marriage and divorce act, move on with any dude available.

Pastor Bujjingo and His wife (Teddy) besides

Bugingo also told the believers that ever since he kicked off the project to construct God’s House, many people including fellow Pastors have been trying to manipulatively work with his wife and daughter to fail the grand plan.

He said the two (wife and daughter) wanted him to behave like his non transparent predecessors who registered the Church Ministries in the names of their own children and spouses as well as themselves.

“My wife was for long uncomfortable with me for declaring a full accountability during the Bat Valley Fundraising that resulted into the raising of USD5 million which we used to buy the Canaan land. She even stopped coming to Canaan to preach the word of God as a way of protesting the inclusion of Pastor Francis Mutawe and other HPMI actors in the company documents under which the ministry was incorporated,” revealed Bugingo.

It is believed that Bugingo is ready to move on but won’t sign anything that stands in the re-appropriation of church land and will not mind being shunned by his own family members if that is the price he must pay to resist falling short of Godly expectations.




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