Mbale’s Top most Influential Women Revealed

By David Wabukye

MBALE: Just like the saying goes, behind every successful man there must be a strong woman, so the regional development. It is undoubteble that in every regional or National development; there are strong women in driving force both in dashboard and forefront. Elgon Daily has compiled a list of the top most influential women who have not only made their sexual dockets thrive and stand stronger but the region as well. These women have turned into offices, streets, drinking points and bed room talks due to their influence and strong attachments to the regional development

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  1. Pamela Watuwa
Pamela Watuwa while still glimmering (PHOTO: Internet)

Pamela Watuwa was born on January 18, 1978 in Mbale District. She is the second of nine children born to the late Lt. Maj. David Douglas Watuwa and Constance Watuwa, a businesswoman.
She attended Nkoyoyo Boarding Primary School, Matale, St Joseph Nsambya and Tororo Girls School for her O and A level studies, respectively.
She graduated from Makerere University with a degree in Development Studies.

If you camped in Mbale for a period of day, you will not leave without her being pronounced severally by passers, admirers or competitors. She is the current RDC of Iganga District. A very influential and passionate woman of respect, integrity and hardwork.

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Pamela come to limelight while at kampala based CBS radio where she was working as a presenter seating in evening cruise, where she attracted President Museveni’s eye hence appointed her Deputy RDC Mbale. While in Mbale, Pamela exhibited highest sense of integrity any political figure can hardly possess, this gave birth to more political haters which on another head twined a promotion. She was transferred to one of the biggest district of Uganda, Kyotera in the same position.

Due to her persisted great performance, Pamela has been promoted to fully RDC position in Iganga Disrtict.

In one of the media interviews, Pamela expressed her love for young people, the practice that has kept her influencing. She had this to say; “The youth own me,” says Watuwa. “I’m nearer to their age group so I understand their issues. I have realised that there is a large gap between the government and the youth. While the government has many programmes geared towards them, their attitude to work is negative.”
Watuwa decries the fact the youth are drawn into social media, instead of a reading or mentorship culture. “It is a pity because this is the age (18-30) when people should be inquisitive and energetic.”
According to Watuwa, in the rural areas of Mbale, the school dropout rate for girls is quite high. Most of the dropouts, aged 10-12 years, are pregnant.
“I always encourage teachers to prioritise sexual purity for the girls. Parents should keep their daughters in school and not marry them off for economic gain. I believe that if the parents’ attitude to education changes, we can kick teenage marriages out of Uganda.”

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  1. Hon. Connie Galiwango Nakayenze
Hon. Connie Galiwango Nakayenze Speaking to media recently (PHOTO: File)

A two times winner of the highly competitive and controversial Mbale woman Member of Parliament seat is a “Don’t touch” darling of Bamasaaba who amidst odds has demonstrated love and commitment to work and fully represent Mbale people irrespective of NRM party policies she subscribes to.

Connie is a wife to NRM secretariat’s director of Finance and Administration, Hassan Galiwango

Connie holds a Master’s Degree in Education Management of IUIU, Bachelors of Arts in social Science, Diploma in Secondary Education

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  1. Her Excellency Angelina Chogo Wapakhabulo
3. Her Excellency Angelina Chogo Wapakhabulo in Kyitenge while in Kenya (PHOTO: File)

Widely known as Mama Angelina, born March 24, 1949 is a founding member and Co-chair of the United Way Board. Mama Angelina is one of Uganda’s most celebrated community activists, leader, and a social worker. For over a decade, she has dedicated her life to fight the scourge of HIV/AIDS and caring for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. As the Program Coordinator of the Market Vendors AIDS Project (MAVAP), Mama Angelina has successfully transformed Kampala’s markets into a one stop shopping where vendors and customers do trade but are also encouraged to check their HIV status and get treatment as well. She currently serves as Uganda’s High Commissioner to Kenya. Mama Angelina and United Way President and CEO Brian Gallagher represented the United Way at the White House Summit on Malaria in Washington, D.C. on 14 December 2006. The Summit was hosted by the President and Mrs. Bus

Angelina Chogo is a Ugandan and Mbale celebrated female community activist, social worker, a founding member and co-chair of the United Way Board. Angelina served for a couple of years as a Uganda’s ambassador to Kenya a post which she has retired from. Given her philanthropic nature, she embarked on giving donations and doing charitable activities and one of the pillar members of the Rotary club of Mbale Metropolitan.

She was born and raised in Tanzania. While a student at the University of Dar es Salaam, she met James Wapakhabulo the late former Minister of Foreign Affairs, from 2001 until 2004. They were married and had four children together: Lumumba, Maima, Yona, and Josephine. Josephine Wapakhabulo is the current Executive Director of Uganda National Oil Company.


  1. Sister Mary Lunyolo
Sister Mary Lunyolo with her Children in Baby’s home (PHOTO by David Mafabi)

Sister Mary Lunyolo is an administrator of St. Kizito Babies Home in Gangama. She is among the most innovative in Mbale who spends most of her time with the orphans. She is as well a member of the Rotary club of Mbale Metropolitan.

Born in 1947 at Nyondo, Mbale Sister Lunyolo grew up with her maternal grandmother after her parents separated and was only later picked by her father to enroll for primary one at the age of six. “I went through a lot of difficulty while staying with my grandmother. I looked like an orphan, at times we would be helpless, life was hard and I think this is what gives me the passion and love for children. I love children and I don’t want to see them suffering. She spoke during a media interview


St. Kizito Babies’ Home, located in Mbale, Uganda, was founded in 1968 by the Mill Hill missionaries, along with the the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega, Kenya, and headed by Bishop John Grief. The home was established to care for abandoned newborns and children whose mother or parents have died. The home is currently run by Sister Mary Lunyolo of the Sisters of Mary who is the administrator of the home.

It is a home to several children that were dumped by their mothers and bastards who were picked by road side, in bushes and toilets. It is also a home for orphans whose parents died during birth, children born of mothers who are mentally disabled and a home for children whose parents cannot afford to look after them.


  1. Hon. Lydia Wanyoto Mutende
Hon. Lydia Wanyoto Mutende (PHOTO: File)

Lydia Wanyoto Mutende is a Ugandan Lawyer, Politician and diplomat, who served as the Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of African Union Commission (DSRCC), based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From July 2014 until August 2014, she temporarily served as Head of the African union Mission to Somalia

In 1995, while a student at Makerere University, Wanyoto became active in campus politics and was elected as Chairperson of Marty Stuart Hall, one of the female halls of residence on campus. During the 1995 Constituent Assembly, she volunteered in the parliament chamber, helping the Assembly Chairperson with paperwork.

In 2001, Wanyoto was elected to the first East African Legislative Assembly, because they remembered her free service during the Constituent Assembly days, despite never having served as a member of the Uganda’s Parliament She served in that role from 4 February 2001 until 10 February 2006

Hon. Wanyoto is a distinguished regional politican cum Consultant on matters ranging from law, human rights, governance, regional integration and women affairs.





























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