Organisations can’t employ me cause am too sincere- Matembe.

By Our Reporter: The former minister of Ethics and Integrity and human right activist Miria Matembe claims that most organizations in Uganda fear employing her because of her integrity and sincerity when doing work.

She said. “I was fired by President Museveni because of being sincere, because of telling the truth and Ugandans don’t want someone who is sincere. I don’t mean that all people are bad but sincere people like me don’t have access to jobs.”


She said that many stakeholders and even Non-Government Organizations around the country have denied her a job, not even advisory role for fear of exposing the rot in such organizations.

She noted that someone told her that no one can give her a job because she will interfere with their programmes.

She described “I wonder, an intelligent person like me, a knowledgeable person like me, I know I can manage but it’s because they fear I will expose corruption in their organization.”

She added that many times she has been reminding Ugandans that the corrupt person in the NRM government is someone who disagrees with President Museveni and his regime.

“If you don’t agree with president Museveni and you are corrupt they will fire you and arrest you but if you agree with president Museveni and his regime even though you are corrupt or you grab the land of all Ugandans, no one will touch you,” she said.

Matembe noted that even private institutions have never called her for any job or being a member of the board.

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