Parliament grills judiciary over “missing” Shs 3.2 bn

By our Reporter:

Officials from the Judiciary led by the Permanent Secretary Kagole Kivumbi on Monday went through a scorching time in Parliament as they tried to explain accountability for Shs 3.2 billion that was meant for the automated electronic court case management system.

According to the Auditor General’s report, the money was received but there is no evidence that it was put to use, so, it has now materialized that the money is in fact not “missing.”

In fact, sources say politics is at the forefront of this probe as some judicial officers try to undermine Kivumbi.

Kivumbi told the MPs led by Nandala Mafabi that some of this money was spent on unanticipated activities such as recruitment of judges, buying new vehicles for them, court sessions, facilitational medical allowances and Monitoring and Evaluation among others.

A Judicial Officer who preferred anonymity said that the fight started when Shs Shs22.3b was released for salary enhancement of judicial officers last year.

“They started fighting the accounting officer because they all wanted a piece of that cake,” the source said.

We have been told that upon realising that Kivumbi will not yield to some of their demands, they hatched a plan to discredit him.

The plan was to use a scandal of junior accounts staff to bring him down and show that he has misused money.

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