Resist Chairman of weed smoker – Brig. Tumwesigye about Bobi Wine

By Our Reporter:

The head of patriotism in the Office of the President Brigadier Patrick Tumwesigye has cautioned Ugandan youths to repel endeavors levied on the country by the United States on “the chairman of weed smokers.”

Brig Tumwesigye made the remarks while addressing Mvara Secondary School students in Arua today while on a schools tour in West Nile teaching patriotism.

In his speech to the students, Brig Tumwesigye urged the students to resist being persuaded by Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi’s political campaigns describing him as “the chairman of weed smokers.”

He stimulated that Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine, is being groomed by his backers in the United States in the hope that he will become the president of Uganda one day.

But Tumwesigye said that Kyagulanyi is incapable of defending national interests because of this “weakness.”

He said, “Because he is a weed smoker and chairman of the weed smokers, Americans want to force him on us well knowing that he has no capacity to critically think over issues, that’s why it’s your duty as patriots to reject those attempts.”

Kyagulanyi has expressed interest in running for presidency in the 2021 general elections who is currently in the United States where he received a human rights defender award.

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