Gen. Elwelu: Media has specialized in lies

By our Reporter:

The military commander of land forces, Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu, has accused the media of being unprofessional while carrying out its duties.

He made the remarks during the ceremony that was held at the land forces headquarters in Bombo to retire 341 army officers.

“Our media, you have specialised in spreading lies and I want you to write this thing I am saying now…if you don’t write, I will know that you are cowards,” he said.

He noted that the prevailing peace in the country should not be tempered with because people are tired of wars and conflicts.

“So you have specialised in spreading lies, promoting hatred, violence, laziness, weakness, poor culture and all sort of evils,” he noted.

He called upon the media to revise their level of professionalism and stop promoting any act that can lead to discrimination, crimes among others and also write well balanced stories in order to promote fairness, peace and unity among the members of the public.

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