Sheila Gushamba’s Father Accuses Her Mother For Spoiling Her.

By Our Reporter

Frank Gashumba has revealed that her daughter Sheilah Gashumba would be at the university this year if she hadn’t been misled by her mother who took her away from him.

The very furious Gashumba said that he had great plans for Sheilah although she is no longer under his custody.

He blamed Sheilah’s mother for misguiding her daughter noting that she does not have any future plan for her but wants only to ruin her future.

“Sheilah was meant to go to university this year but her mother took her way from me. She is no longer under my custody. Sheila is not the problem but the problem is with the mother. I raised her alone from nursery to S.6 but I know she will come back,” he said.

He cautioned women not to ruin the careers and the future of their children. Instead, he said, they should provide the necessary support for them.

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