Govt stakes 30bn/= for health research projects

Govt stakes 30bn/= for health research projects

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The government has urged medical professionals in the country to lodge in their research work projects proposalswith the health ministry because parliament has extended a budget line of 30bn towards this noble cause.

The remark has been made by the Prime Minister Dr.Ruhakana Rugunda while opening a three day special symposium on partnerships, policy and systems developments for the Universal health coverage (UHC) that was held at Golf course hotel in Kampala.

Rugunda’s speech was delivered by the state minister for primary health care Dr.Joyce Moriku Kaducu to over 200 distinguished delegates to the conference whose theme was “ for health improvements across governments and societies at local, national and global levels”.

He observed that malaria alone had become the biggest contributor to deaths of its victims while cancers,  and diabetes among other diseases are on a sharp rise that is why government decided to set aside 30bn to exclusively go towards carrying out research in key areas of the disease burden.

He congratulated the conference organising team and development partners like the European Union (EU) delegation in Uganda for the funding support towards the meeting because they hope that the anticipated outcomes shall be critical in advising government how to  fill the missing gaps in health.

The premier regretted that despite funding  constraints, teenage pregnancies and the rising rate of none communicable diseases, the country has also managed  to increase the life expectancy from 43 to 63 years which is not a mean achievement.

He noted that with more coordination between ministries, departments and agencies of government (MDAs) and other sector players, the current trends signals profound hope for the success of the popular Universal health coverage (UHC) concept.

The director general (DG) East Central and southern Africa health community (ECSA_HC) Prof .Yoswa Mbulalina Dambisya said it was important that all their regional member states undertook a strong commitment to increasing funding towards achieving the UN sustainable development goal ( SDG) 3 objective of seeking the total fight against diseases that retard economic development of these countries through improved healthcare services deliver largely among the rural poor.

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