PayWay Marks 10 years of dedicated work

By Kitts D.Mabonga

KAMPALA: PayWay Uganda  which has been delivering high quality digital payment solution services to the population has clocked ten years in the  field and still remains a strong force in this exclusive and competitive market according to its managing director Kirill Grebennikov.

During the main corporate client breakfast meeting held at the Sheraton hotel Thursday  morning were they also launched their PayWay Wallet digital payment platform solution product, several stakeholders including commercial banks, telecoms and solutions distributors across the market segment congratulated Pay Way Uganda for continuing to offer high quality digital IT solutions to its clients and beyond.

He told the over 60 CEOs from high profile corporate business fraternity that they have been able to connect over 20,000 on this new PayWay Wallet platform though still at testing level and also creating over 5,000 direct jobs through the distributor network system covering the greater Kampala metropolitan area and further expansion was I n offing.

PayWay also used the occasion to unveil their new PayWay wallet product with the aim of increasing and strengthening reliability, efficiency and affordability in terms of digital payment transactions performance by their ever growing customer base.

‘This breakfast meeting is not just eating and drinking but celebrating success from  the PayWay family and appreciating the strong support our customer continue extending  to us’ noted Kirill adding that they would soon move into offering big time event digital ticketing solutions to curb fraud among other losses.

PayWay appreciated all their customers of who have supported them through thin and thick among them Uganda Telecom Limited [UTL]  which is reported to have been their first client ten years ago saying they would continue improving on their products to ensure they meet acceptable standards for an all win win situation.

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