Why La Cabana pulled strokes at Restaurant week fete

Why La Cabana pulled strokes at Restaurant week fete
By Our Reporter
New reports coming in indicate that the victors of the recently concluded week long Kampala restaurant week competitions actually did a lot behind the scenes work to reach the top with others bringing in new cooking innovations to shine on.
To this point La Cabana restaurant under the Speke group of hotels and located at the Speke apartments Wampeewo Avenue in up scale Kololo reportedly scooped her award through intense show of professionalism, creativity and a lot more ingenuity skills.
It was stated by hotel and tourism experts saying this new facility reportedly has high volumes of clients who frequent the place for their yummy and sumptuous meals specifically focusing on the Brazilian and Chinese menu they offer.
Christopher Armstrong from USA and an engineer by training who attended the awards testified that he was among the person that voted for La Cabana after practically making several visits to the place since he arrived in the country with a team 50 people working on different projects in the country.
He noted that with his strong appetite for meats, the Brazilian menu at this facility became his home eating place with many colleagues and to mention about the Kampala restaurant week festival in tow, they took keen interest as the competition got underway.
The minister of state for tourism Godfrey Kiwanda separately said the hospitality industry has steadily grown in the recent years of which development boosts the tourism sector as thousands of tourists flock the country thus giving chance to the hotels to tap into the lucrative business.
We bring you pictures of La Cabana team celebrating victory enjoy!!

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