Soldiers Launch a gospel campaign in Bufujja,Butaleja.

By Ambrose Wanagoli

The UPDF,Uganda Police and Prison service,have launched a joint Force gospel campaign at Bufujja town in Butaleja,aimed at converting the residents into born Again.

Lt.Emmanuel Oworyanabo,of the Updf says that most Ugandans have turned greedy,devil worshipers and respectless to the government,hence the intervation of Army to preach the word of God.

He further stated that they began a similar campaign in Mogadhishu,and guaranteed that the Somali are now peaceful.

ASP Brian Asimwe,of the Uganda Police said that they interved to preach the gospel because the Bataleja have a lot of land conflicts and political disagreement

However,Bishop Stephen Wegulo,the Chairman of Pastors and Elders Fellowship said that the crusade,is countrywide,and was organised by Pastor Robert Kayanja of the Miracle Cathedral Centre.

He said he will use the soldiers to help him burn the shrines in Butaleja,giving a scenarial where 3 schoolz have demons disturbing learners.

Meanwhile,some residents in Butaleja developed mixed feelings about the Crusade,saying it has political inclination.

John Khimali,a resident in Mazimasa,forinstance argues that such soldiers might be using the Church as a platform to identify the anti government supporters.

Another,Jennet Nailuba of Kachonga,wondered why the soldiers preach while in combat.

Lt.Jude Wandera,dennied the accusation saying that politicians would be at the fore front.

He also reasoned that wearing the military uttires signifies Seriousness.

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