TASO upgrades to College of health Sciences


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TASO upgrades to College of Health Sciences

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The aids support organization (TASO) Uganda training center located at Kanyanya in Kawempe division that has been offering basic strategic studies on HIV Aids-related training services to its staff has reportedly been upgraded to a fully-fledged college of health sciences.

Elgondailly news has exclusively established that management of TASO had reportedly taken a decision to upgrade their old training Center to a new full-blown TASOcollege of health sciences that may now offer high profile courses in the HIV Aids-related field.

The new development came to light over the weekend during the TASO Mulago Center 29th member’s annual general meeting that was held at Old Mulago headquarters attended by over 300 subscribed members.

The executive director who was represented by his chief internal auditor Wandera Emmanuel revealed to the excited members that management had taken a decision to upgrade their old training Center at Kanyanya to a full-blown TASO college of health sciences.

Wandera explained that effective next year, they would embark on the journey of recruiting interested students to undertake professional studies within the exclusive HIV Aids sector who would graduate as professional researchers, analysts and caregivers of those both infected and affected by the burden.

He observed that given the huge burden this problem had created within society, it was important that TASO devised new approaches of dealing with its negative consequences on the patients by setting up the college to offer specialized professional training courses to scale down the burden.

The TASO founder and patron Neorine Kaleeba also said they would expand their membership envelope to bring in more new people and shift their traditional way of depending on development partners for project support to launching domestic revenue collection avenues to be able to sustain their field extension services.

The chairperson of the parliament committee on HIV Aids Florence Mayoga Nambozo who was the chief guest at the occasion pledged to invite Kaleeba to her committee with a view that she shares her feelings about the problem so that members can debate and come out with positive policy legislation that attempts to mitigate solutions to the burden.

Nambozo also woman MP for Sironko district commended the members of Mulago Center for boldly coming out in the open to declare their status without fear and also insisting to pass on the message of abstaining, be faithful to your lover or use condoms.

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