Prof. Kasozi wants Public Varsities dons Scrapped off civil service payroll


Prof.Kasozi left shares a Whatsapp message with a participant shortly after the conference opening ceremony at MUBS yesterday.


Prof. Kasozi wants Public Varsities dons Scrapped off civil service payroll

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The public has been thrown into anxiety after a senior don came up with mind bugling proposal demanding that all lecturers and dons among public Universities across the country should be scrapped off the civil service payroll if they are want to avoid the state bureaucracy and machinations.

The shocking remarks were yesterday made by Prof. A.B Kasozi a distinguished research fellow from Makerere institute of social research while making a keynote address during the official opening ceremony for the four day 24th Makerere  University business school (MUBS) annual international management conference  (AIMC) that was held at MUBS in Nakawa division.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Buyinza Mukadasi, the director, directorate of research and graduate training at Makerere University.

Kasozi told the visibly shocked audience comprising of PhD students and professors drawn from various Universities across the world that he was of the view that all Public University agenda lecturers and consultants should be scrapped off the public service payroll if they are to work independently if they are work independently without direct government interference.

He noted that government for a long-time had failed to critically understand the role of Universities and that is why it underpays them, denies them access to key infrastructure that they can use to drive their professional agenda forward.


He wants all public Universities to be independent or autonomous of government with the capacity to manage their budgets but instead, the state offers them research grants to be able to carry out their work without pressure from the state.

In his paper titled “doctoral training in Africa, good practice, opportunities, challenges and way ahead” he said most Universities have failed to recruit desired or acceptable numbers of professors or lecturers as demanded by the national council for higher education (NCHE)


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