TASO Moves into local domestic revenue mobilization campaign


The new team at TASO Mulago centre ready to engage in domestic revenue mobilization

TASO Moves into local domestic revenue mobilization campaign  

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The act by the development partners to scale down in funding all  HIV Aids-related activities across the board in the country has affected operations among sector organizations leading to cutting down on human resource envelope.

For TASO Mulago they have responded by looking at using the domestic revenue mobilization strategy as the way to go and remain active and recently went ahead to elect new members to respond to this new calling.                                                                      Soobi [right] is flanked by HIV Aids committee of parliament boss Florence Nambozo with Mubiru Jonathan who was guest client that gave a testimony that shocked many people.       

While swearing in the new committee of the centre administration council (CaC) recently led by Florence Annet Soobi, the TASO Uganda founder Neorine Kaleeba congratulated the team and urged them to move out and recruit new members for the steady growth of the centre that continues to dedicate their efforts to preaching positive messages that builds hope among those infected and affected by the HIV Aids monster.

Soobi in her acceptance promised to work hard to ensure they continue with implementing their mandate of serving their clients despite new challenges.

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