Soroti FDC Leaders Fight Over Office

By our Reporter.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party supporters in Soroti district are in confusion as two party members fight over the office.

John Enomu was dropped as Soroti District FDC Chairperson and replaced by Jane Acen. However during public functions both introduce themselves as FDC District Chairperson.

The changes followed a directive from the FDC Secretary-General, Nandala Mafabi in a letter dated May 6th 2019. Mafabi directed that the FDC party administration to effect changes and fill the posts left by members who joined other parties.

“Following a decision by some of our former colleagues to leave the party and form another organization/party, a number of leadership gaps have fallen vacant in the structures that need urgent attention of re-filling or even re-structuring. Teso is one of the biggest victims of this development,” the letter read in part.

Three weeks ago, the party leaders from Teso held a conference in Sortoi at Eneku village and appointed Acen.

However, Enomu insists that he is still the Soroti District FDC party Chairperson and his five-year term in office has not expired.

Enomu during FDC party presidential elections supported Gen. Mugisha Muntu against Patrick Amuriat Oboi.

Augustine Etimu an elder and chief advisor of FDC in Sorotti blames Enomu for abandoning the party.

Emmanuel Omara Omolo, the FDC Chairperson Soroti County said Enomu had a right to choose and support a candidate of his choice. Omara blamed Enomu for failing to accept to work with Amuriat.

Naji Etobait Muruzi, FDC councillor at LCIII Chairperson Eastern Division wants Enomu to exercise maturity and accept to relinquish office peacefully.

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