Rukiga Markets fail to Attract Bidders

By our Reporter.

Three markets and a banana plantation in Rukiga district have failed to attract bidders. They are Rwamatunguru market found at the Uganda-Rwanda border in Kamwezi Sub County, Rubandaga Animal market in Kibanda same sub county and Nyaruziba market in Kashambya Sub County.

The banana plantation is found in Rwenyangye in Kamwezi Sub County. Rwamatunguru market operates on Saturday, Rubandaga market on Friday and Nyaruziba market on Thursday.  The three markets and banana plantations act as the main source of revenue for Rukiga district.

The district has failed to tender the markets and plantation due to failure to attract interested bidders, which is affecting revenue collection. Gideon Tumwesigyire, the Principle Assistant Secretary Rukiga District, says efforts by the District Contracts Committee to invite interested bidders to take over the revenue collection in the three markets and manage the plantations have failed to yield results.

Tumwesigyire says the contracts committee assigned the chiefs in Kashambya and Kamwezi sub counties to identify interested bidders to take over the markets and banana plantation but hasn’t received response since July 2019.

Jackson Muganiizi, the Rukiga District LC Vice chairperson, says although district officials argue that the markets and banana plantation have failed to attract interested bidders, he has always seen unidentified seriously collecting revenue from traders.

Muganiizi suspects foul play involving district officials and sub county chiefs since the whereabouts of the money collected from the facilities is unknown.

Eddie Mugisha, Rwamucucu Sub county LC V councilor, says it is very hurting for district and sub county technocrats to continue collecting unaccounted revenue from the market and plantation.

Mugisha wants the Chief Administrative Officer to come out and account for the revenue collected from the facilities since the district is in dire need of funds.

Gideon Tumwesigyire, the Principle Assistant Secretary Rukiga District explains that after failing to attract bidders, sub county chiefs were issued receipts to make sure that revenue collection continues.

He says that copies of the receipts will be audited as sub county chiefs submit cash that they have collected.

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