Enterprise Uganda Chief trains 1,000 on financial literacy

Enterprise Uganda  trains 800 on financial literacy

By Kitts D.Mabonga


Members of the business community players have been challenged not to look at having big capital as the best way  to ran successful businesses but should insist on starting small and keep a  work plan to help them execute their work with great care.

Many businesses have failed to live and celebrate their second anniversary because of lack of financial discipline and not respecting the business rules of the game like strict record keeping, customer care, honesty and effective interpersonal communication strategies among other disciplines.

The message of caution was recently  made by the Enterprise Uganda executive director Charles Ocici   while making his keynote presentation to over 800 people that turned up  at the special presentation hosted by  Uganda revenue authority during their annual taxpayer appreciation week  a corporate social responsibility [CSR] efforts by the tax body.

Ocici who is an outspoken and talented business entrepreneurship speaker said people joining the business industry should not rush to commercial banks for loans without critically having a master recovery plan at hand less they risk losing all their collateral.

He observed that it was wise for one to start running a business on a small scale and allow it to complete its official cycle as this helps them to see how they are progressing and important of all they must never divert capital to other emergencies as this puts them at greater risk of collapsing.

The workshop also got special presentations from officials from KCCA, accountants body,UNBS, URSB and UMA  among others who imparted messages of keeping a scandal free business and adherence to tax regulations among  others.


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