Police Finally Arrest Suspected Defiler After Two Year’s Chase

By our Reporter.

Police have finally apprehended a man who defiled and infected a 7-year-old girl with HIV two years ago. Joseph Kaweesi was picked up over the weekend following a two year’s hunt.

The suspect reportedly defiled his niece in mid-2017. He threatened to harm the child, her parents and doctors who examined her victims before fleeing into hiding.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, says Kaweesi was picked up from Mpigi district following a two year’s hunt by Kamengo police. According to Police, Kaweesi turned against the minor when she was left under his care in Lukango village in Mpigi district in 2017.

Upon noticing the girl’s deteriorating health, her parents took her to a clinic where it was realized that she had been sexually abused severally. It is when the minor, who is currently in primary four, revealed that Kaweesi would often drag her to the gardens where he would sexually abuse her.

“Both her parents were examined and found to be HIV negative.  As a result, the victim revealed how the suspect known to her as a maternal uncle, defiled her on three separate occasions from his gardens at Lukango village.  She added that the suspect threatened to kill her if she ever revealed the matter to anyone,” Enanga said.

In 2008, the girl’s parents tried to pursue Kaweesi at his hideouts but he warned them that they were headed for trouble by trying to cause his arrest. Although the minor’s parents backtracked on the hunt for the suspect, police didn’t stop pursuing the defiler until he was arrested to face of aggravated defilement.

Enanga says the suspect has since been examined and found to be HIV positive.

“We would like to urge all parents, guardians and caregivers that known persons including friends and relatives are the number one perpetrators of criminal sexual abuse against children.  They are therefore advised to closely, watch out for early signs of child sexual abuse and to always come forward early enough and report to the police,” Enanga said.

Police encourages parents to often engage with their children so as to understand what happens to them in their absence. Parents are also encouraged to always seek medical advice whenever their children have been assaulted in any way or the other.

At least 15,366 female minors and 228 male minors were defiled in 2018, according to the Criminal Investigations Directorate -CID. Some of the victims were examined and put on Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatment while others were found to be HIV positive.

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