Vendors clean up Nakawa market, urges prisons free members


SOLIDARITY;members of the Association busy cleaning up Nakawa market last week.

Vendors clean up Nakawa market, urges prisons free members

By Kitts D.Mabonga


Members of the Fuba tukole hawkers and vendors Association have appealed to government to unconditionally release all their members currently in detention in several prison facilities after being arrested by security for vending merchandise.

The Association chairperson Ismail Mubiru told the media on the sidelines of their member’s bulungi bwansi activity in Nakawa division were they decided to clean up the Nakawa market that was stinking with filth.

Mubiru said they have over 2,500 members doing vending works especially buying products from markets to vend within communities as a strategy to fight household poverty but many of them end up being rounded up by the enforcement officers thus loosing their merchandise alongside going to Luzira prison.


The leaders while addressing the media.

The Association public relations officer Tebakulira Emmanuel Kiwalabye Jimmy observed that hundreds of their colleagues are currently languishing in prison over charges of vending goods within the city without lawful authority.

He said they are working on strategies of meeting the president to ensure they access funding opportunities to fight poverty at household and community levels however there trade is important but chocking with many challenges.

They want the prison services to release all their colleagues unconditionally as directed by the president because their families

This stems from a recent directive by president Museveni ordering the immediate release of all vendors that KCCA enforcement officers arrested while vending products within the greater Kampala region saying the prisons authorities should set them free unconditionally.

But contrary to the directive, the prisons spokesman Frank Baine said they would not  release these over 800 people just like that because they were charged with the offence of vending and not idlers of which the president quotes.

Baine said all people that KCCA enforcement officers arrested and charged before their city hall court were not directly charged as idlers but vending products without license.

However the lord mayor Erias Lukwago insisted that they had continued to criticize the way and manner in which KCCA enforcement personnel handled these youths saying it was inhuman and must stop forthwith but they never listened.

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