Masaka Municipality Seeks to Use Road Funds to Maintain Streetlights

By our Reporter.

Masaka Municipal leaders are proposing to divert a substantial sum of money allocated under the Road Fund to meet the street lighting bill.

Masaka municipality received up to 3.6 billion Shillings in 2017, to finance the installation of streetlights in the area as part of the implementation of the Kawanda-Masaka hydropower line by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. A distance of 13 kilometres on roads and streets in the area were installed with 560 hydro-powered LED lights.

However, the Municipality has since been struggling to maintain them lit over high power bills. According to the municipal authorities, at least 250 million Shillings is required every year to keep the streetlights on.

Masaka Municipality Mayor Godfrey Kayemba Afaayo says that they are contemplating using part of the money allocated for routine and periodic road maintenance to cater for power bills and light the streets which are equally significant in ensuring safety and improving community welfare. The request has been submitted to the road fund.

Masaka municipality received an allocation of 823 million Shillings under the Road Fund during the financial year 2017-2018, implying that some of the roads will go unpaired if the proposal is granted.

Engineer Doctor Michael Odongo, the Executive Director of Uganda Road Fund, currently on his end of service tour across the different parts of the country, has advised the municipal leadership to work-out modalities of harmonizing positions with responsible players within the local government set up to avoid clashing of opinions.

He says that they may assent to the idea once it’s endorsed by all stakeholders in the local government.

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