Minister Rallies Karimojong on Tree Planting

By our Reporter.

The State Minister for Environment, Mary Goretti Kitutu has asked the Karimojong community to plant trees.

Kitutu made the call in Napak at the function to mark the Global Hand Washing Day on Tuesday. Her call was triggered by the heavy winds that blew up the VIP tents where the two ministers including Eng. John Byabagambi of Karamoja Affairs and Kitutu were seated.

The winds halted the event for more than 30 minutes which later forced the organizers to adjust on the program.

Kitutu revealed that her ministry is in a campaign to plant 500 million trees in schools and other public institutions.

The minister also urged teachers to encourage learners appreciate the need for trees both at school and their homes.

Karamoja sub-region is currently facing serious environmental degradation emanating from wood fuel as the major source of energy for households. Most of the population have resorted to charcoal burning as a coping mechanism amid high poverty levels in the region.

Absence of trees has not only affected the environment but also public functions houses in Karamoja. In most cases, heavy winds disrupt public functions and carry roofs of houses including schools and health centers.

In June this year, National Forestry Authority- NFA announced plans to plant 400,000 trees across Karamoja. This is in addition to other interventions by Parliament.

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