Kasese Municipal Council Faulted for Lack of Drainage System

By our Reporter.

Kasese Municipal Council has come under criticism for failing to put up a drainage system within Kasese town.

Kasese Municipality normally experiences flooding during the rainy season. However, the town does not have a proper drainage system to enable the passage of water runoffs.

On Monday, Kasese experienced heavy rains that caused flooding within town. As a result, six houses and 21 toilets were destroyed.

Now, residents of Kasese are accusing the leadership of Kasese Municipal of incompetence by failing to erect the drainage channels for passing water runoffs.

Sharif Masereka, a resident of Kidodo cell in Kasese municipality says his area has grappled with flooding for a long time. Masereka says the amounts of water that flow from the town center cell to their cell almost renders it uninhabitable during the rainy.

He says that the Municipal authorities ought to build the drainage infrastructure in order to curb the flooding that subsequently leads to the destruction of property.

Aloysious Badanga, the local council one chairperson of Saluti A Cell in Nyamwamba division says the area has suffered from flooding that has destroyed lots of properties for a long time.

Badanga says that they have engaged the municipal council to erect a drainage channel in the area to no success.

But Kasese Municipality Mayor Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga blames residents who construct houses in what should ideally be wetlands and water passages.

Kabbyanga says Kasese town originally had a physical plan that residents never followed as the population of the town expanded. He also calls on residents of Kasese town to desist from erecting structures whose plans have not been approved by the municipal council physical planning department.

He, however, revealed that the municipal council was in a process of designing a drainage master plan for Kasese municipality.

According to Kabbyanga, the municipality has already committed one billion shillings under the Uganda Support to Municipalities Infrastructure Development (USMID) Programme towards designing that master plan which shall then be developed under the same program.

Last year Kasese was selected as one of the towns to benefit from the USMID Program. In August, the district received twelve billion shillings as phase one of this five-year project.

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