Kabira country club wins world luxury hotel awards



Kabira country club wins world luxury hotel awards

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Uganda is steadily moving in the right direction when it comes to boosting the hotel and tourism sub sector and this can be clearly evidenced by the ever sprawling up of new hotels across major towns in the country which development experts say the country could be heading to the top helm of the tourism industry clipboard.

The new development came to light recently Kabira country club was officially declared   the East Africa regional winner of the luxury boutique category of the World luxury hotel awards 2019.

The title seen by elgondaily news reads in parts thus ‘this award serves as recognition of sustained commitment to Excellency in hoteliering and outstanding achievement in the international luxury hospitality industry.

It goes on to state that the World luxury hotel award hereby certifies the participation of the winner to the 2019 awards and congratulates them on this accomplishment.

The document is signed by Brandon Laurens chairman and chief executive officer alongside Tanique Echardt the executive manager on behalf of the World luxury hotel awards.

The Kabira country club boss

The state minister for tourism Godfrey Suubi Kiwanda while reacting to the achievement said he was very satisfied that the country’s tourism sub sector was growing at a very high speed and remains optimistic that the sky shall be limit   as they would continue winning more and more awards for the country.

Commenting on the achievement, the Speke group of hotels general manager Sven Saint Calbre said they deserve the award because they have invested massively in the sector and keep on improving every other time whenever need arises.

‘We are proud to have brought the award to Uganda after strategically   beating all the other big time sector players within the East African regional settings and weq still look ahead for more trophies’ noted Sven.

He said they have a fleet of over 12  high profile different hotels around the country all working hard to satisfy all the needs of their customer given the ever changing sector environment settings with new demands from customers.

He revealed that they  have Speke resort Munyonyo, Speke Apartments Wampeewo and Kitante respectively and Speke hotel 1996 Ltd.

Others are Commonwealth resort Munyonyo that recently

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