La Cabana Restaurant has all the eatery points

BIG IS BIG; La Cabana restaurant chefs celebrated winning trophies in the hotel and tourism industry recently.

La Cabana Restaurant has all the eatery points

By Kitts D. Mabonga


We have on several occasions have to  offer free guidance to  guests especially those  visiting  Uganda for the  first or perhaps second time that they need to be strategic while making their unreserved choices of both accommodation and dining because they are important keys to one’s good life and health combined.

And I can vividly without shame or regret mention  it  here that  it is always a welcome treat to frequent a place such as La Cabana Restaurant along Wampeewo avenue in upscale Kololo and be showered with attention as though you are a big time spender or a VIP of sorts .

Therein lays the secret of this relatively new dining and accommodation   establishment  and  part of the success of this place is no doubt attributed to the presence of Mr. Ali Iqramullah Liagath.

He is an irrepressible, polite and knowledgeable foods and beverage (F&B) manager of the place who has played his cards well ever since the facility opened its doors for business with a mouthwatering cocktail reception for all tribes and grades of guests who largely comprised of expatriates community and high profile visiting delegations.

And indeed since it helps to have on board an experienced Chinese chef in situ,we discovered that Mr. Yulin Ma is Muslim, talented and passionate about his craft who is  the  technical man behind the kitchen systems at this high billed facility.

CLASSIC  DESERTS; Such quality deserts can exclusively be found only at La Cabana  in Kololo.

Recently, my friends and I had occasion to check out their newly added Chinese menu at La Cabana Restaurant. In the event that you are having a get-together with friends or an office outing, then the trick here is to make sure that one makes a reservation; and discuss the menu with the F&B manager since this will ensure a smooth occasion. You would be surprised as to how intimidating and awesome a Chinese menu can be to those who may not be terribly au fait with Chinese food. This treat left many of us in awe and wishing to repeat the experience more often.

I chose the fabulous shark’s fin soup; a delicacy prized by the Chinese and comes in the form of a clear broth soup. It may take three to five days of cooking in order to bring out and enhance its superb flavor. Not sure how many days it took in this case. Fellow trencherman, never one to be adventurous surprised me by asking for the vegetable hot and sour soup. Apart from the soup and starters, the rest had been ordered in advance. We sat back and were regaled to an array of sumptuous dish after dish.

The detail
First of the block was the lobster Cantonese, a rather uncomplicated number with minced pork, fermented black beans and the usual condiments. In the end, absolute ambrosia, an entrée that I would recommend for a festive occasion and in the company of food connoisseurs last but not least, was the filet of tilapia prepared and served at the table. This was new to me and it turned out extraordinary, simple in presentation with surprising results. Consisting of finely sliced slivers of fish filet, that are delicately seasoned and in front of you, they are dipped in boiling oil and off the heat they are then fried and within minutes they are ready to eat. Amazing stuff, sublime and exquisite! No visit to La Cabana would be complete without the mention of Kung Pao chicken, their signature dish.

while on this occasion we chose to go the whole hog, La Cabana unlike some other pricey joints, where everything is upmarket here, and one can get by on a comfortable and affordable budget by being selective in choosing. Then, share the items and best of all one will still be accorded VIP status. Now if you choose to splurge no holds bar, then Ali and his ever courteous members of staff will go out of their way and see to it that you are looked after. This is in a manner that can best be described as being regal and pampered without appearing obsequious.


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