Parents Urged to Speak to Children About Positive Living


Parents Urged to Speak to Children  About  Positive  Living 

By Our Reporter


Parents have been urged to talk to their children about positive living issues because society is filled with many negative challenges like HIV Aids, exposure to western lifestyles, immorality and alcoholism among others that might derail their future.


The call has been made by one of the directors of the Ruparelia Foundation Naiya Ruparelia while handing over an assortment of gifts to over 300 vulnerable children drawn from several Ghetto communities and orphanages during their Ruparelia foundation sponsored kid’s appreciation party that was held at Kampala parents’ school.

Naiya said it was important that parents take up the responsibility of talking to their children about the negative societal challenges that might endanger their lives and also take the lead in discussing with them their impending future educational opportunities and positive living topics among others.

Rajiv and Micheal Jackson Mugema  launching  the fundraising drive for the hope for Katanga kids project were the NGO is trying to raise funds for school fees for the vulnerable children they have.That was at the sidelines of the party were kids feasted on all tribes of foods and drinks before walking back home with assortments of gifts courtesy of the foundation.

Naiya observed that they took the initiative to encourage people of goodwill to donate unused or unwanted items like clothes, toys, scholastic materials among others to be offered to vulnerable children of which campaign got  a positive  response from the community.


Rajiv shares a  light moment   with his sweet heart Naiya [in black] as a colleague  looks on, shortly after the party.

On behalf of the kids beneficiary organizations, the director ‘Hope for Katanga kids project’ Michael Jackson Mugema thanked the Ruparelia foundation for the timely donation saying it had greatly boosted the moral of the kids and given them hope that despite being faced with many societal challenges, like lack of decent shelter, food, healthcare, clothing and educational opportunities among others, there are people of good will that care about them.

Mugema whose NGO based in Katanga locality of Wandegeya parish Kawempe division  has over 500 vulnerable children with no parents or relatives to support and that is why he was able to partner with the Ruparelia foundation to give hope and joy to the children thus resulting into the party that drew kids from several orphanages around the country.

The principal Kampala parent’s school Daphine Kato said parents should protect their young ones against and all forms of harm as sometimes these lead them to running away from home to graduate into street children.

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