Bus-Party birthday bash for Sheila Gashumba

By our reporter

Sheila Gashumba on Saturday celebrated her 24th birthday on a bus with a handful of invited guests. Notable among those on board were the Olinye Ya Majje singer, Hellen Lukoma and socialite Bad Black.

The birthday gal was clad in a fishnet outfit showing off her black thong and just enough cloth to cover the centerfolds as she popped champagne on the bus with close pals.

The 24-year-old with 10 years TV experience has birthday wishes coming through from fellow TV hosts like Douglas Lwanga and Bettinah Tianah, artists like A Pass, Vinka and Leila Kayondo among others.fore the bus party, Sheila had flowers delivered each with a letter of her name as her lover did the birthday song for her, she was swept in awe.

“She had no idea what was coming happy birthday to my best friend and true love…” Marcus Ali aka God’s Plan noted following the birthday treat.

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