Manafwa district launches new revenue mobilization strategy

A cross section of heads of departments listening in during the workshop

Manafwa district launches new revenue mobilization strategy

By Kitts D. Mabonga


In an effort  to improve on service delivery within the boundaries of Manafwa district local government,  top management committee has deliberately come out and launched a new campaign geared towards helping them identify new local revenue sources that shall supplement the central government remittances to enable them improve on  service delivery.

DISCUSSING BUSINESS; The Manafwa district assistant chief administrative officer [ACAO]  Mr.Opio John Bosco addressing his heads of departments and technical staff during the launch of the program recently in the district chambers.

While launching the campaign on Tuesday at the district council chambers, the district chief administrative officer Wotunya Peter Henry told his technical team comprising all heads of departments,   town clerks and senior assistant secretaries [SAS] or sub county chiefs  that as planned last year, it was high time they jointly brought together ideas of identifying new local revenue sources within their individual area of operation so that more services can be extended to the communities.

Wotunya recently posted to Manafwa from Kumi district as CAO said he wants to work closely with both the political and technical personnel in ensuring that Manafwa becomes the leading district in Bugisu in  as far as taking services closer to the people was concerned and that is why they are launching the campaign to guide them as a roadmap in trying to achieve this target of raising the local revenue collection bar to a better percentage.

The district assistant chief administrative officer Opio John Bosco said they are asking members   of the finance and planning dockets   from the various local urban centers to share with them new areas where they think can help them raise local revenue like from routine weekly makeshift markets, trading license, ground rent, taxi parks among others so that the collected and critically analyzed data can be   included in their next budget framework paper.

Opio said the district is still faced with many challenges like landslides, resettlement of displaced people, quarantine on livestock and general low revenue collection among others of which calls for concerted efforts by stakeholders to sensitize the communities about their rights and constitutional obligations to pay taxes as these in return help fix roads, provide medicines among health centres and education among other key social, services that foster community development.

The resident   district commissioner    Ahmed Washaki told Elgon daily news  in a separate interview that they are working hard to change the mind set and negative attitudes towards work by the district  civil servants by encouraging them to love and cherish their work for the good  the country.

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