Dozens of City Hotels unveil Valentine day packages

The Speke group hotels group marketing manager  Mr. S.Amit  in red is flanked by the Bukoto based  Forest Cottages general manager Daval Marchar during a recent function.

Dozens of City Hotels unveil Valentine day packages

By Our Reporter


As the world prepares to sail into the Valentine day era tomorrow, several business players who know how to mint dime that comes with such a day have unveiled several packages to entertain their guests.

Business players dealing in hotels and recreational facilities have strategically positioned themselves to reap from expectant couples set to spend heavily in the name of enjoying and celebrating love.

In Uganda, the random survey done among hospitality facilities like hotels indicate that there are massive preparations to host couples that shall visit those places.

At Sheraton, Serena, Hotel Triangle, Silver Springs and Imperial group of hotels among others, their managers exclusively told Elgondailly business desk yesterday that they have lined up several attractive Valentine day specials for their potential guests whom they expect to host and are looking out to receive them.

Meanwhile the Speke group of hotels marketing manager Mr. S.  Amit told Elgondailly business news yesterday at Crane Chambers that all their over 15 hotels and restaurants scattered around the city have lined up very interesting Valentine day packages for the couples and was optimistic that all their guests would have a treat of their life once they visit these facilities.

‘We are confirming to our dear guest couples that come Friday  and Speke group of hotels is the ideal place were couples  can enjoy a day never to forget in life and all tribes of eats, drinks, swimming and watching movies in the specially designed   rooms for the day  have been set, make sure you don’t miss’  noted Amit.

The group boasts of high class hotels like Kabira country club, the Common wealth Resort Munyonyo, Forest Cottages Bukoto, Speke hotel 1996 Ltd, Dolphin suites Bugoloobi, Speke apartments Wampeewo and Kitante, Bukoto heights among others.

Now lovers we wish you a happy and nice Valentine day special but remember to take care of  the associated risks like engaging in unprotected sex as it might cost you dearly.


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