5G inquiry to examine 2025 deadline promise

By our reporter

An inquiry into 5G networks and the UK’s broadband is being launched to look at how realistic the government’s pledge is to bring high-speed internet to every home and business by 2025.

What is needed to achieve that, how realistic the ambition is and what it will mean for people and businesses will be looked into by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee.

Boris Johnson has faced questions over the viability of his promise to bring gigabit-speed broadband to the whole of the UK in the next five years, which would significantly increase average internet speeds for many parts of the country.

DCMS committee chair Julian Knight said: “The delivery of full-fibre broadband is critical to the success of the UK, particularly the need to ensure that our businesses of the future are equipped with a reliable, future-proofed network no matter where they are based.

“The government has said it wants to achieve this nationwide roll-out by 2025.

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