Mole pregnancies becoming common- Gynecologist

By our reporter

Kawempe Regional Referral Hospital is recording an increase in the number of women with baby-less pregnancies.

Also known as molar pregnancy, the condition represents an abnormality of the placenta caused by genetic errors in cell multiplication during the fertilization process. As a result, it leads to a growth of abnormal tissue within the uterus.

Dr Charles Kiggundu, a consultant Gynecologist at Kawempe National Referral hospital explains that although many believe that a pregnancy with no baby is no bad omen or a condition that forms as a result of witchcraft, it actually is a health issue where one gets pregnant and a gestational sac develops but no embryo forms.

He says that for every 15 uterine evacuations for abortion-related conditions done at Kawempe Hospital, two are an embryonic.

He says this condition is common with extreme ages among those that get pregnant at a young age at the beginning of reproductive age and those that are nearing menopause.

He says women with such a condition won’t carry their pregnancies longer than four months although he adds if they report for antenatal clinics earlier than that, the condition can be detected because medical can see a baby as early as six weeks.

He says such a mother who carries an embryonic pregnancy will experience signs of all pregnancy like many get such as nausea and morning sickness. He adds that the problem is genetic and there’s no help such a woman can get apart from letting them bleed what had formed out.

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