Nakawa tightens on Museveni’s Corona virus directive

[Above] is the Nakawa division Mayor Eng.Balimwezo while speaking to this website from his office last week.

Nakawa tightens on Museveni’s Corona virus directive 
By Kitts D. Mabonga
President Museveni came out last week to address the nation about his stand on the now entrenched and endemic Corona virus that has reportedly claimed over 13,000 lives with another 300,000 bedridden among over 140 countries.
Many might have taken him lightly and continued to ignore the set of directives like shutting down gyms, bars, open markets, and places of worship among others.

IMPLEMENTING DIRECTIVE; The Nakawa division deputy resident city commissioner [RCC] Burora addressing the media last week.
But several government authorities across the country have responded by way of putting in place standard operating procedures to effect the directive and among them is the deputy resident city commissioner (RCC) for Nakawa division Burora Herbert Anderson.
Burora told a news conference at his offices in Naguru Friday that they had set up a fourteen member stakeholder’s directive implementation committee which is tasked to oversee and supervise the security operations within the division to ensure it was enforced.

TOUGH ACTION ;President Museveni last while addressing the nation  about the endemic corona virus, he is expected to address the country again Sunday.
Burora strongly warned that all people engaged in acts intended to abuse the directives commits an offence and risks arrest and subsequent imprisonment.
He noted that they don’t expect to see gyms, bars, schools, worship places and open markets operating during these 32 days.
Later the Mayor of the division Eng. Balimwezo Nsubuga told this website shortly after the press conference of the deputy RCC that as head of the political wing in the division, they would continue urging locals to respect the presidential directives for their own good.
“As Politicians we  have welcomed the directives by the president and would continue sensitizing the masses to adhere to them strictly to avoid straying in the wrong side of the law” noted Balimwezo.

The firebrand politician said they have been  going around markets with a mesage of  encouraging people to be careful with the virus as it was becoming a big threat to all people cutting across the economic divide.

He said operations closing down any premises that would be found selling merchandise would start soon and anybody found would be held accountable for their actions.

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