Winterland schools promote ICT Education

Winterland schools promote ICT Education

By Our Reporter


Anybody who takes to studying the information communication technology [ICT] disciplines at school could be on the right track given the new world trends in communications and dealing with business matters.

And elgondaily education desk caught up with pupils of Winterland primary school Kyebando while attending computer lessons learning simple functions of a keyboard on the computer and pupils were visibly excited.

Mukama Moses who is the school ICT instructor said whenever a particular class of pupils enter his class, excitement is felt on their faces immediately they step in which means that they have the love of the lesson of computers.

He commended the school director Ntege Benon Sempala  for choosing to invest in the ICT infrastructure of which has enabled many children to master the art of the computer of which would be of great value in the future.

The excited pupils from P3 said they like computer lessons because they are able to see many new things from the internet like big cars, cartoons and learning several kits on the computer of which an ordinary person cannot easily understand.

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