Owino market closes 65 sugar shops over price hike

[ABOVE The Owino market chief Godfrey Nkaja Kayongo  supervises the closure of one of the shops that was found hiking sugar prices. 

Owino market closes 65 sugar shops over price hike
By Kitts D. Mabonga
The leadership of St.Balikudembe market Owino has carried out an impromptu operation and arrested traders that had clandestinely hiked prices of sugar selling a kilo at between 4,000-4,500/= down from the current 3,500/= which was contrary to the presidential directive stopping such acts.

NO SPACE FOR THIEVES; The Owino market security chief Godfrey Kasiita ordering his enforcement officers to close one of the shops.
The chairman of the market Godfrey Kayongo told this website during the operation that they managed to close over 65 shops selling sugar and would keep them closed until after the elapse of the fourteen day presidential directive when they would be allowed to open.
He condemned the act saying the market management had allowed them to operate but if they choose to take that path then all perpetrators would be arrested and have their license withdrawn.

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