Britania donates 1.5 tonnes of foods to Covid19

Britania donates 1.5 tonnes of foods to Covid19
By Kitts D.Mabonga
Britania Allied industries the leading local manufacturers of high quality biscuits and soft drinks in the country have joined other teams of good will people to support the Covid19 fund.
The Ntinda industrial area based company with donkey years of experience in manufacturing high quality Britania  iscuits,confectionery,fresh fruits juices, artificial juices, sauces and mineral water.

The company started operations in Uganda in 1991 under the house of Dauda group of which group has been in existence since 1962 within the East African region as pioneered by Dr.Hismukh Dauda.
The facility was set up through a merger of two subsidiary companies whose machinery is among the most sophisticated and modern in the region and do posses a level technological excellence compared to prevailing global standards.

According to highly placed company sources, in 2002 they successfully acquired the present day famous Manji food industries Ltd.a biscuits factory based in Nairobi Kenya.
BAIL owns its success on its determined, dependable and enterprising people and its extensive network of good customers and partners.
The famous household brands of BAIL includes among others Splash high quality soft drinks, top up kitchen sauce paste and special energy drinks and confectionery products.

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