Govt lists SIMI Mobile to supply,mobile phones,medical equipment

Govt lists SIMI Mobile to supply,mobile phones,medical equipment

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The government has expressed deep concern about the amazing technological innovations that are being developed at SIMI Mobile like temperature scanners, mobile phones and medical googles among others saying it would grant them special permission to supply those equipments.

GREAT WORK; Dr Atwine admires a set of  a temperature scanner that is manufactured by SIMI Mobile as David explains how it can effectively be deployed to serve upcountry health care facilities.

The remarks were recently made by   the ministry of health permanent secretary Dr. Daina Atwine while receiving a consignment of samples of brand new temperature scanners, 200 mobile phone hand sets,food items  and googles from the Simi mobile chief executive board secretary Beecham Okwere David.

The ceremony took place at the ministry parking yard were Atwine after getting a brief from David about their line of products, ordered that government should with immediate effect stop importing equipment like temperature scanners and mobile phones yet SIMI Mobile are locally manufacturing them here.

“This is very shocking and amazing to learn from SIMI mobile officials that they are manufacturing these highly needed equipment like temperature scanners of which the country is in dare need of them during this struggle to curb the spread of corona virus pandemic “noted Atwine.

THE FOOD CONSIGNMENT IS HERE; David with his boss pose for a memorable picture moment with Dr.Atwine.

She ordered her staff to work with SIMI Mobile officers in ensuring that they  are guided to deliver their product samples to UNBS with a view that  a certification report of these products from the bureau is secured and once the report confirms that the scanners and phones pass the quality test,  the ministry  would immediately help them  take up the tender to supply the products.

Atwine noted that they cannot continue importing such highly sophisticated equipment from abroad yet local Ugandan companies are producing them and she personally sees no problem in authoring SIMI mobile to supply government with these products.

Okwere  David told Atwine that President Museveni commissioned their industry in Namanve early this year and also gave them more land to be able to expand their production base after he was reportedly impressed by the strategic investment SIMI mobile had lined up.

It was reported that President Museveni urged all the government line ministries and agencies to offer all the necessary logistical and technical support required to ensure that their production interests are protected.

Atwine assured the SIMI mobile team that government would help market them to penetrate the entire East African community (EAC) market so that they can effectively supply their products as a deliberate strategy of promoting the vested pan African trade bond and investment protocols.

The ministry of health officials agreed to offer all necessary support to ensure that this great company is given mileage to develop as it would create more jobs to the local youths.


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