Female Traffic cop donates her salary to Covid19

Female Traffic cop donates her salary to Covid19

By Kitts D.Mabonga


Police constable Nahwera Prossy number 55894 attached to Jinja road Police  station recently shocked the entire country when she publicly donated her entire salary for the month of April 2020’to the Covid19 fund.

Prossy who delivered her 480,000/= cash to the minister of general duties in the office of prime minister Mary Karooro Okurut recently said despite having many societal and domestic challenges, she decided to respond to  the appeal of the president calling on all people to donate towards the Covid19 fund.

SACRIFICING FOR MY COUNTRY; PC Prossy Nahwera is sandwiched by Minister Okurut and Fund chairman Eng.Emmanuel Katongole shortly after making her humble donation in Kampala.

“ Hon. minister Madame, am by the names of Nahwera Prossy Police constable number 55894”attached to Jinja road Police station traffic department of the Uganda Police force and am here to respond to his Excellency president Yoweri Museveni’s recent appeal for donations to support the Covid19 fund by donating my entire salary for the month of April 2020 worth 480,000/= and kindly receive it in cash “ said Nahwera.

The conference hall that was filled to capacity with donors, members of the fund and media were all shocked by the bold and frank decision the traffic lady took because it is rare for such a thing to happen in this banana Republic.

Okurut received the cash and said she would personally inform the president about this strange gesture of donation.

The fund team took a photo shoot with the now celebrity cop of whom they wished well in her duty undertakings and collectively thanked her for that noble heart of hearts.

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