CORE Uganda bails out storm hit Bussi Island victims

CORE Uganda bails out storm hit Bussi Island victims

By Kitts D.Mabonga


CORE Uganda a Japanese international organisation has responded with support to the people of Bussi Islands in Lake Victoria who were recently hit by a big storm that saw over 60 households becoming homeless.

The developments came to light last week when officials from CORE Uganda donated over 24 brand new blankets to part of the 56 affected households that were hit by a strong storm on April 25 2020.

The Lc1 chairman Kinywante village landing site Mr.Kamya thanked the delegation for the support saying the locals were experiencing sleepless nights due to lack of proper beddings and that the donation would bring some of form relief in their minds and hearts.

HISTORICAL MOMENT; The Bussi sub county council speaker Nakigudde Robinah flanked by CORE Uganda program coordinator Aryong Fred hand over a brand new blanket to a  young girl who is one of the over 56 affected households of Kinywante landing site last week.  

The  Bussi sub county council speaker Nakigudde Robiah while receiving the CORE Uganda donation at this landing site,   said the donation was very timely as most of the households that were hit by the storm had relocated to other places due to lack of resources to construct new houses alongside this corona virus pandemic.

‘On behalf of the Bussi sub county council, we welcome this humble package of 24 brand new high quality blankets from  CORE Uganda and we strongly thank them for responding to the appeal we had earlier made to any well-wishers to help these affected communities’ noted Nakigudde.

The CORE Uganda program coordinator Mr.Aryong Fred said his organisation was concerned by that incident and decided to respond with a humble donation of some blankets that should help those affected families like children and women along with this landing site of Kinywante village.

He said that CORE Uganda recently handed over a project funded by TOTO Environment Activities Grant Program to the tune of JPY 3,205,087  Ugsh. 105,780,000 for one year from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 and implemented by CORE Uganda.

The project is titled Improvement of the and Safe Water Access in Bussi Island Lake Victoria” project that is currently benefitting the communities of Bugera and Kaapa villages in Bussi main parish.

They also last week officially launched a new project targeting at the provision of safe water, improvement of sanitation and environment protection in Zzinga parish, Bussi Islands also funded by TOTO environment activities grant program to the tune of JYP 4,232,729 or  Ugs. 139,693,000 running from April 1st 2020 to 31 March 2021 with implementation being done by CORE Uganda.

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