COVID-19 Fight; Aleptong incoming Woman MP donates food

COVID-19 Fight; Aleptong incoming Woman MP donates food
By Our Reporter
The government has commended the women leaders in the country for coming out to donate generously towards the fight against the corona virus pandemic in direct response to the presidential appeal.
The development came light recently when the aspiring woman Member of Parliament for Aleptong district 2021 Ms.Akello Janet Omara Orech showed up at the office of the prime minister with her humble donation of 200Kgs of high quality maize flour worth 350,000/= saying the donation was from the bottom of her heart towards those persons affected by the pandemic.

She told the officials of the national response fund to Covid-19 lead by general duties minister Mary Okurut that despite being poor, she was donating the food to be distributed to those persons affected by the corona virus outbreak especially in her home district of Aleptong as she looks forward to contesting and becoming the new incoming woman MP for Aleptong district in northern Uganda come 2021.
She called upon her people back home to trust her and vote for her into the 11th parliament as their new woman legislator because she has the capacity and potential to effectively represent them in the august house.
She urged Ugandans to stay home, stay safe and observe the social distancing guidelines of the ministry of health and wash hands at all times as the only medicine to stay alive during this corona virus pandemic.
The minister and team thanked her for the donation and wished her well in her future political endeavors.

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