Uganda land owners Association donate food to Covid-19

[ABOVE] Minister Mary Karooro Okurut officially receiving the food consignment from the members of the Association in Kampala recently.

Uganda land owners Association donate food to Covid-19
By Kitts D.Mabonga
Members of the Uganda land owners Association [ULOA] have positively responded to the president appeal calling for donations towards the fight against the dreaded corona virus that is currently claiming many lives across the world.
While handing in their consignment of 830Kgs of high quality maize flour to the minister of general duties in the office of the Prime Minister Mary Karooro Okurut recently in Kampala, the Association chairman Mr. James Galabuuzi Mukasa said they were concerned about the outbreak of the corona virus in the country and that is why they took a deliberate decision to come up with this humble donation and urged the minister to accept it.
He told the fund team that his body stands for fair land policies and laws, advocates for equitable land use practices and management for the benefit of all the stakeholders.
Mukasa used the opportunity to condemn all acts of land grabbing that have become chronic during this time and urged government to ensure that the culprits are prosecuted before courts of law.
He also called for the use of land in the country in a more professional way so that food production and productivity can be enhanced.
Minister Okurut in appreciation to the food consignment thanked the members of the Uganda land owners Association for coming out to support those affected and infected by the corona virus and urged all people to stay home, stay safe and ensure continuity of hand washing at all times and observing the social distance guidelines of the ministry of health.

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