Victoria University ready for online learning

Victoria University ready for online learning 

By Kitts D.Mabonga


As government is still pondering about when to reopen educational institutions which are under the Covid_19 lockdown currently, some institutions are busy devising other means of which they think can keep their students get in close touch with the entire learning process.

BRIGHT FUTURE; Minister of education Hon.Janat Museveni looks forward for a brighter tomorrow.

To this end, Victoria University has exclusively done a survey whose findings have proved that over 75% of their students could easily access the internet and at sametime do have the necessary gadgets required to study from home.

According to the vice Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krishna N.Sharma, they launched a survey recently which came out with very interesting revelations of which discovered that their students have all it takes to offer online learning.

“We found out that over 75% of the students could easily access the internet and at sametime have the necessary gadgets required to study online” observed Dr.Sharma adding that they are using these findings to pass on revision notes and course outlines through WhatsApp and email messages to the students.

Victoria University is the part of the Ruparelia group which targets at promoting higher education opportunities the African youth with vested views of turning them into leaders of the future.

He pointed out that they also use other digital tools like YouTube for both students to lecturers interactions and may use Skype and video sharing for examinations and online assessments as a vehicle to achieve success.

The Covid19 pandemic continues making it very hard for government to arrive at s position were the sector can formally reopen.

However Sharma noted that since they are not allowed to handle examinations, they would ensure lecturers focus more on sharing of revision notes guidance until otherwise.

EYES ON THE PRIZE; Rajiv Ruparelia a co director at this great University is flanked by Byatike Matovu during a recent function.

Some of the students told this website that they pay tribute to the leadership of Victoria for having arrived at  that deliberate policy were they offer a brand new laptop to every new student during admissions of which idea had enabled more students  to compulsorily learn to use the computer.

However they warned that much as the University is heading towards boosting the idea of learning the internet, the cost of buying data would be an issue to many of the students.

They called upon the government to scrap off the controversial OTT tax during this Covid19 era so that more people can access the internet for research work for development.


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