Police Release Eight Makerere Residents Arrested Over Student Murder


By our reporter

Eight residents of Makerere University who had been arrested in connection to the death of a student Emmanuel Tegu, have been released.

Tegu, a third-year Veterinary Medicine student at the University was roughed up and died on July 4 as a result of injuries inflicted on him by a mob that mistook him for a thief. He was beaten on June 27 at Students’ Centre that houses Centenary Bank branch at Makerere University.

Police first arrested Muluka I zone Chairman, Charles Oyugu, who on the fateful night called police claiming he had found a student beaten to a pulp. After Oyugu’s arrest, police raided West Road were 12 other suspects were arrested.

On Wednesday police obtained a Closed Circuit Television – CCTV footage captured by St Augustine Makerere Chapel. Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said the CCTV video showed the actual suspects related to Tegu’s death.

Only four out of the 13 suspects were charged on Thursday at Law Development Centre-LDC Court in Old Kampala. The charged suspects include; Oyugu, Balam Nyeko, an SGA security guard attached to Centenary Bank, Johnson Kakuru Johnson 24, a resident of Makerere and Moses Sekitoleko 21, also a resident of Makerere.

After taking four suspects to court, eight other Makerere residents have been released on police bond but with stringent conditions among them not speaking to media. Parents who spoke to Uganda Radio Network –URN confirmed that their children had been released but restricted their movement and warned not to speak to the media.

Tom Ogwang, whose son, Reagan Ogwang and daughter, Sharon Ogwang, had been arrested confirmed that they have been set free on police bond. “I’m in an online meeting! Otherwise, the children were released on bond,” said Ogwang.

Teddy Olwayo, said her brother, Raymond Olwawu, has been also released on bond. “My brother has been released and our other neighbours. But they have been told to keep low [quiet],” said Olwayo.

Muluka II zone Chairman, Bashir Kamugo, named other Makerere residents who have been released as Nicholas Omase, Derrick, Mukisa, Allan and Mukisa.

The postmortem conducted at Kampala Capital City Authority –KCCA morgue revealed that the cause of death as blunt force trauma, due to open wounds along the back, multiple cane marks on the back of the right elbow and abrasions along the abdomen and the entire back of the victim.

Tegu left his sister, Rachael Ariongeti’s home, at Namungoona where he also stayed with his brother, Sam Okwalinga, on June 27 and proceeded to his church at Makerere. But he did not return home. Enanga said in the evening at around 10 pm, he was found by Police Constable Mukose Farouk who was on routine patrol behind the main building near the water tank.

“The officer attempted to inquire about who he was and what he was doing at such a time. He appeared erratic and responded by throwing stones at the officer, who fired three shots in the air to scare the victim. Tegu reportedly charged at the officer. This forced the officer to withdraw and communicated to his supervisor,” said Enanga.

Tegu, according to police ran towards St Augustine Makerere church and Centenary bank, where he charged at the three private security guards but was overpowered. SGA guards hit him using the metallic chairs from the visitor’s tent.

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