Ariong Hellen goes for Kanyum county seat

Ariong Hellen goes for Kanyum county seat

By Our Reporter


She contested on two occasions for district woman parliamentary representative in the NRM party primaries and failed however and she has now come with full force ready to contest for the direct constituency slot for Kanyum in Kumi district.

WE WISH YOU SUCCESS; The NRM party Electoral commission officer hands over the nomination papers to Ariong in Kampala yesterday.

Ariong Hellen Adeke says she was determined to ensure that this time round she moves to parliament for effective representation and also moving for the NRM party because the slot has been engulfed by the opposition all these years.

‘Am going for effective representation in parliament and fighting to ensure that women emancipation issues are on  top of my  political agenda alongside lobbying for big projects that have a direct positive impact on the people of Kumi district’ noted Adeke.

She said that having lost the previous two attempts does not in any way make her a weak person but her determination and persistence are the counting points that would ensure that voters of Kumi district this time round do entrust her with their mandate to represent them in the next August house come 2021.

She pledged to lobby for projects such as skilling and tooling the youth and  women to become self empowered in fighting  poverty  and also ensuring that  the persons with disabilities and  elderly  are sensitized about their  rights  so that they leave a positive and fruitful life.

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