Namiyingo’s Mukisa  Hope wants last term in house

Namiyingo’s Mukisa  Hope wants last term in house

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The voters of Namayingo have decided to return their incumbent woman legislator for the last term with assurance that she completes all her political unaccomplished business for the good of that remote and rural district.

Hon.Mukisa Robina Hope who seats on the agriculture and budget committee of parliament told this website last week in Kampala shortly after picking her nomination papers to contest on the NRM party ticket primaries that she was asked by her voters to return to the house for the last time so that she can complete the major projects she had undertaken.

‘I’ve done a lot of goods things in my home district like working on the improvement of  clean water sources,healthcare services, education, environment and economic empowerment of the vulnerable groups like women, youths, the disabled persons and elders among others’ noted the shy and cool legislator.

However in an exclusive interview with some prominent elders back in Namayingo, they told this website by phone that Mukisa had done a commendable job and as elders who see what an individual of her magnitude has done, they believe she played a big role in the development of the district through lobbying the various government ministries, departments and agencies alongside development partners to support Namayingo.

She donated a boat ambulance for the locals of Lolwe  of which has played a key role in the transportation of patients from the Lake Islands to the main land to seek appropriate medical attention and also supporting the schooling programs for the children in the Islands noted one women.


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