KABUTA Calls for tax waiver,sensitization of its members


[ABOVE] The KABUTA chief executive officer hajji Musa Senabulya while granting the interview to this website.

KABUTA Calls for a tax waiver, sensitization of its members

By Kitts D.Mabonga


Members of the Kampala Butcher traders Association [KABUTA] have called on the government to bail them out financially during this current Covid-19 lockdown era which has rendered them financially stripped out.

KABUTA IS the National umbrella body that brings together over 15,000 butcher operator members in the country who deal in the supply and sales of quality beef products to customers.

The Association boss hajji Musa Senabulya told this website on eid adhuha day last Friday in Kampala that the government needs to come out and extend some financial support to the body because they have been out of business due to the quarantine which was imposed nationally on the entire livestock sector.

He pointed out that the government needs to waive taxes on machinery used in the sector like special meat transportation trucks, slaughterhouse and butcher equipment and special refrigeration facilities for proper storage of the beef.

Mr Senabulya who owns the popular classic meatex butcher at Kalerwe in Kawempe division said sensitisation workshops for their members are critical during this Covid19 pandemic era so that they can learn how to operate during such economically trying moments.

WORKER REACT; Hajji Zubair Bukenya aka George Saha the spokesman for KABUTA  said the business was very low this time due to Covid-19 related challenges.

‘We call upon our parent ministries of Agriculture animal industry and fisheries alongside that of trade to bring to our members consumer awareness and protection workshops on how to handle beef and meat products right from the farm through the transportation chain, to the slaughterhouse and at the butcher level where the product is taken home by the consumer’ noted Senabulya.


The KABUTA spokesman separately said they would continue working with all key government ministries, departments and agencies [MDAs] in ensuring that the special operating standards [SOP’s] as outlined by the ministry of health strictly adhere too at all times as a preventive strategy for stopping the spread of the coronavirus pandemic which has now killed five people in Uganda.

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