Nsooba Slaughter house registers few animals on Eid adhuha

[ABOVE] The chairman of the traders Salongo Sulaiman Sekanyo conducts the media around the slaughterhouse facility.  

Nsooba Slaughterhouse registers few animals on Eid adhuha

By Kitts D.Mabonga


Business at the Kalerwe based Nsooba slaughterhouse was this time round during the just concluded Eid Adhuha festivities lukewarm with officials putting blame on the national livestock quarantine which effectively banned the movement of livestock from one place to the next due to the outbreak of animal diseases.

REACTING; Najjemba Annet speaks to the media about the poor business trends this time around.

The chairman of the house traders Association Salongo Sulaiman Sekanyo told the media last Friday at his office that very few animals were delivered to the house due to restriction of movement of animals by the government due to outbreak of animal diseases across the country.

Sekanyo pointed out that only 180 animals were delivered for slaughter this time of which majority were bought off by the Turkish and Asian expatriate communities who subsequently donated to the animals to several mosques across the region in greater Kampala Metropolitan area.

Mr.Saha George addressing the media inside the slaughterhouse last week in Kampala.

He revealed that his bosses are working hand in hand with the government to ensure that they are given modern slaughterhouse equipment like slicers, refrigeration and storage facilities among others as a boost to the sector which still operates in a crude and colonial manner.

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