Budiope’s Musoke Robert secures ferries to easy transport

Budiope’s Musoke Robert  secures ferries to easy transport

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The incumbent Member of Parliament for Budioipe West County in Buyende district Hon.Musoke Robert has said he wants his voters to retain him for the last term so that he fixes all the outstanding projects and programs that he had initiated.

He said that through his strong lobbying, the government would soon deliver the second ferry to help ease the movement of goods and services in the district after the locals suffered  due to the flooding of lake Kyoga.

‘Previously we had one ferry which government offered the people of Buyende district and surrounding localities but after intensive lobbying from my office as area MP, the government was able to revisit the water transport contract and agreed to secure the second ferry to ease the movement of goods and services in the area’ noted the youthful legislator.

SUPPORTING AND PROMOTING SPORTS TALENT; Hon Musoke Robert inspecting a netball team from his constituency during a recent engagement.

He obsessed that so far over 80% of works of constructing the key landing sites were the ferries shall dock is complete and as the water levels finally reduce, the water transport system would greatly improve to give a boost in the marketing of agricultural produce among other merchandise.

The Mp said the fixing of the Kamuli-Bukungu road is  underway and that a seed secondary school was being constructed to meet the education needs of the youths of the area.

Musoke said  fishing  activities on the lake have had a negative impact on incomes of the fishing population  of which he would continue engaging the  enforcement teams  to strike a balance however regretted that  the flooding resulted into the displacement of several families that resided along the landing site who are currently housed among surrounding schools and churches.

SPORTS GURU; Some the of the trophies the legislator worn in several recent engagements.

Musoke told this website last week in Kampala that he has done tremendous work in parliament like playing soccer for the house sports club alongside winning several trophies from Kenya in the many engagements he undertook.

The legislator who was born in the remote village of Nduulya in the sub county of Nkondo and a veteran scribe who worked as Radio presenter and news anchor for Kamuli broadcasting services 105.9FM and a teacher by profession says he had been approached by the people of Budiope West asking him to stand for the last term so that he can finish off all the outstanding programs.

PARLIAMENTARIANS FOR SPORTS; Hon.Musoke Robert extreme left with colleagues share a light moment during a soccer encounter during a recent encounter.

He said issues related to education of the children,,healthcare services, social services among the rural communities have been effectively handled and that given this last mandate he would address all the remaining programs that benefit the local grassroots population in the county.

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