Budiope’s Dhamuzungu cries like baby over loss of house seat

Budiope ’s Dhamuzungu cries like baby  over loss of house seat

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The outgoing Member of Parliament for Budiope East in Buyende district Hon.Dhamuuzungu Geoffrey openly  cried like  a baby  over the just concluded NRM party primaries saying his opponent stole his sweet victory with impunity.

Dhamuzungu who stormed the NRM election offices yesterday in Kampala armed with a huge file of alleged evidence said he wants to the poll nullified and a fresh election held so that he can recover his sweet seat.

TROUBLED MAN’Hon.Dhamuzungu addressing the media in Kampala yesterday.

He told the media shortly after lodging in his petition that he was cheated by his opponent who reportedly deployed presidential guards and  all sorts of security operatives with the aim of intimidating his supporters to force them to vote otherwise saying if the EC boss Dr.Tanga Odoi  does not  take  action, he would announce a new strategy soon.

However on the contrary, sources from Buyende his home district claimed that this outgoing MP reportedly emerged in third place which indicates that voters had lost trust in him

Watch this space.

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