Budaka’s Mboizi  cheated in parliamentary polls

Budaka’s Mboizi  cheated in parliamentary polls

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The Budaka district NRM party boss Mboizi Arthur Waako is crying foul after his sweet victory in the just concluded NRM party parliamentary polls was reportedly stolen by his opponent and wants the electoral commission to probe into the Kachamo town council poll results.

Mr.Mboizi who petitioned the party polls offices in Kampala yesterday told this website that he was disturbed by the stupid tricks Kibunike Joseph Eric applied in the elections specifically when he reportedly garnered 10,255 votes from Kachoma town council yet the runner’s up got 889.

SEEKING JUSTICE ; Mr.Mboizi handing in his petition to the elections officer in Kampala yesterday.

He wants Dr.Tanga Odoi to ensure that the Kibunuke is probed for his dirty action of altering the results and strikes out these results or orders for a fresh rerun for that electoral area if justice is to prevail.

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