Buliisa   Protests  Mukitale  victory,insist they voted Atugonza

Buliisa   Protests  Mukitale  victory,insist they voted Atugonza

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The voters of Buliisa constituency in Buliisa district are still bitter with the activities meted out by their outgoing member of parliament Steven Birahwa Mukitale of whom they accuse of cheating their credible candidate.

The locals who spoke to this website in Kampala expressed disappointment that Mukitale openly cheated Allan Atugonza saying they demand for a rerun so that they can effectively vote for their desired candidate and  all are still determined to teach Makitale a political lesson of his life of which he would never forget all his lifeime.


UNFAIRNESS; Mr Allan Atugonza arranging his petition shortly before he handed in to the election officers in Kampala this week.

Atugonza complained that Mukitale controversially worn by 10,074 votes against his 9,855 which left a miserable difference of only 219 votes yet if their was no acts of fighting his agents at most polling stations, he would automatically have worn with a resounding victory.

EVIDENCE; This is one of his polling agents that was severely beaten by Mukitale’s goons during polling day and this is why he is seeking justice.

‘Am very sure and confident that we worn this election by a bigger margin and that is why my people are saying that a rerun be held urgently so that they can effectively taech Mukitale a political lesson of his life that he would never forget in  future’ fumed the youthful Atugonza.

They accused Mukitale for participating in illegal acts of voter bribery, violence, multiple voting by goons he imported into the constituency saying they would still kick him out the house by all means possible.

Just watch this space.

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