Kigyagi Warns Butaleja’s Nebanda over self declaration

Kigyagi Warns Butaleja’s Nebanda over self declaration

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The NRM party electoral commission has strongly warned one of the Butaleja district woman seat contestants for reportedly declaring herself as winner despite at the same time lodging her petition challenging the polls outcome.

The commission vice chairman  Mr.Kigyagi Arimpa John told a news conference yesterday in Kampala that they are investigating allegations that one of the Butaleja  district contestant for the woman slot who had just lodged in her petition protesting as having been cheated again went ahead to declare herself as winner.

DISCUSSING PARTY DISCIPLINE; Mr.Kigyagi on left addressing the media yesterday as the principal elections officer Mr.Sirian Bagamba looks on.

Kigyagi said that the commission might be compelled to disqualify Hon. Florence Nebanda as a contestant in the just concluded poll because that was a daring act of open indiscipline and abuse of party rules.

Nebanda is the incumbent district woman legislator for this district.

He warned some security officials among the districts like RDC’s, DISO’s and UPDF among others for reportedly issuing out contradictory directives during polling times saying it was not their mandate to meddle in polling matters of which is strictly the reserve of district NRM registrar or election officers.



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